Traveling without a purpose

Lost in space

I left England in 1989 and have been indulging in a travel habit ever since. I wish I had kept diaries of all my travels but all I have are a few articles written over the years. I do have extensive videos and photo albums however! One day I shall edit them all down to handy bite sized snippets.

One of the strange things about travelling is that when one goes back "home", wherever that is, one discovers that nobody else is that interested. My wife and I will thumb through the albums and rummage about for that DVD of somewhere or other, or that VHS tape that we intend to reformat before computers no longer can read analogue transfers. But as yet, we just do not have the time!

However, my wife's web site at HELEN GRAY has plenty of photographs and blogs on some of our later travels. You can even take a trip around Hong Kong's MTR stations over at But don't go to hers without at least taking a look at mine! My photo's here are, sadly, merely iPhone snaps.

Mongolia Snaps


Transiberian Railway

Cape Town

Cape Town Snaps


Namibia Snaps